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FRESHLY PRESSED - Nutrition & Health News Roundup

Staying in the know about the latest food and health news can be a bit of a challenge... even for us nutrition nerds.

With an overwhelming abundance of news headlines, research studies and diet fads in the media, it is a full-time job sifting fact from fiction.

This month I share my favorite links, hot off the press, in this first edition of Freshly Pressed Nutrition & Health News Roundup from Health Out of Habit!




Down With Diet Books
by Julia Belluz via Vox
Excellent read on why diets fail us time and again.

Another Nation Trims Meat From Diet Advice
by Georgina Gustin via National Geographic
The Netherlands recommends eating less meat, for the first time.

Environmental Working Group´s 2016 Shopper's Guide to Pesticides in Produce™
Get the latest 2016 Dirty Dozen in fruits and veggies.

Vegetables, Vegetable Oils, And Dairy Fat? Please Don’t Eat The Headlines!
by Dr. David Katz
How do we interpret the new-old study on saturated fat and heart disease?

Avocado Pit Eating is a Nutritional Feel-Good Magic Foodism
by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff via Weighty Matters
Be careful what food fads you follow.

You´re the Boss
by Catherine Katz via Cuisinicity
A reminder on choosing a dietary pattern suited to your lifestyle and health.

8 Phrases a Nutritionist Would to Never Hear Again
by Keri Gans via U.S. News & World Report
Keri hits the nail on the head with these common diet misconceptions.

Walmart just promised to source only cage-free eggs. Here's what that means.
by Julia Belluz via Vox
Cage-free does not translate to wide open pastures for hens.

Is Cooking With Olive Oil Healthy?
by Jedha Dening via Olive Oil Times
A research update regarding whether or not we should fry with olive oil.  

25 Easy Homemade Sauce Recipes
by Lindsay Livingston via Healthy Aperture
This is a must-have list for a healthy kitchen.

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