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How to Eat Like a Mediterranean Without Crossing the Atlantic

The Mediterranean way of eating ranks number one this year for overall health according to US News & World Report. If you missed my guest previous post on why it tops the list—in a nutshell—it breaks all the rules of dieting.

Living in Barcelona for almost a decade now, I would say the Mediterranean “diet” is anything but a list of rules, restrictions, complicated meal plans and gourmet recipes. It’s actually a traditional pattern of eating habits and activities, enriching and enhancing lives and communities. This lifestyle values cultural heritage, simplicity, variety, seasonality, celebration, sustainability, traditional culinary techniques, and shared meals.

The entire approach of the Mediterranean eating style is quite opposite to that of our American mindset of fearing foods and avoiding fats. When Mediterraneans sit down to a meal they are having too much fun to think about the foods to avoid or calories to count.

Fortunately—or maybe unfortunately—you don’t have to move across the Atlantic to include more Mediterranean habits at mealtime. There are fundamental elements which can be adapted to any lifestyle or location as a way of boosting your energy, reducing risk of chronic disease, living longer, and aging gracefully.

To read exactly what Mediterraneans eat, continue reading my guest post on the Jessica Cording Nutrition blog here. 

Click here to continue reading my guest post at Jessica Cording Nutrition.

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