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Beginner´s Guide to Whole Grains Video Series Part 2—with Infographic!

Today is Whole Grains Sampling Day!! That means there might be an opportunity to try out whole grains right in your neighborhood. Check the map here from Oldways Whole Grains Council for all the listings.

As a way of taking the guess-work out of grains, I created a two-part video series along with a no-nonsense guide to whole grains. 

Last week I launched the first YouTube video—my beginner´s guide to whole grains.  If you missed Part 1, check out the video below:

—  What are whole grains
—  How to buy whole grains
—  How to cook whole grains—using one simple method
—  How much you should eat
—  The top two things you need to know before starting
—  Two simple tips for adding whole grains to a meal
—  My easy recipe template for making whole grains delicious!

This week I lay out the details of how to make whole grains using one simple method, and how to get my no-brainer recipe template for making whole grains taste delicious!! 

Oh, and I even created an infographic for you, with all the details!

Click below to watch Part 2:

—  The 4 best grains to add when starting out
—  How to store and label your grains at home
— How to make buckwheat, couscous, millet and quinoa
— How to cook any grains using one single method
— How to get the free toolkit—with recipe template—mentioned in the videos!!



Looking for a fancy step-by-step visual guide to the process?
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