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Beginner´s Guide to Whole Grains Video Series Part 1

What are whole grains?   

How do you buy whole grains?

How do you make whole grains?

How do you add whole grains to the meals?

These are the top 4 questions I often hear about grains. I get it. We hear again and again how we should be eating more whole grains and less refined grains, but what does that mean exactly?  What are they, and where are they hiding in the local grocery store?

In my first—ever—YouTube video, I answer these questions and more, as I create a simple starter kit for a friend of mine here in Barcelona. He is a father of two boys and wants to add whole grains to his family meals, yet has no idea where to begin!  

No problem!

Watch as I lay out my approach to adding whole grains to the diet.  

March 29th is Whole Grains Sampling Day!!

I created this two-part video series to help you select, store, cook and serve whole grains at home.

This series takes the guesswork out of grains, making it easier and faster to enjoy mealtime—or more time—with your family!


In Part 1 of the two-part video I teach you:

  • What are whole grains.

  • How to buy whole grains.

  • How to cook whole grains—using one simple method.

  • How much you should eat.

  • The top two things you need to know before starting.

  • Two simple tips for adding whole grains to a meal.

To access these resources mentioned in the video, click the button below: 


Check my post here for video two or click the image below:



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