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Inspiring, teaching, and empowering individuals to nourish health, and power dreams in life by translating nutrition research and Mediterranean mindset into a simple approach
for your modern lifestyle!

As a mother, a nutritionist, teacher, and writer I get it regarding the challenges of balancing career, family and wellness. Health Out of Habit is the place for anyone wanting to feel good without perfection and dieting, spend less time overthinking everything, and waaay more time enjoying life.

I help individuals #disruptdieting by ditching the diet trends and food fads, and setting sustainable habits to feel better. . .for good. . .for life.

As a serial urbanite—from Aix-en-Provence to San Diego to New York City to Barcelona—I love to soak in new adventures, foods, and approaches to health. Living in Barcelona, Spain, for nine years now, has taught me that food is much more than the sum of its parts, and that tradition and culture—instead of dieting and pop culture—can serve as the model for a pathway to health.  

Transitioning from the micronutrient-focused education in the U.S. to the lifestyle approach here in the Mediterranean has helped me simplify my own life and create health—out of habit—rather than food rules or perfection. Now, I share this freedom with others by balancing nutrition science, culture, tradition and the joy of eating. 

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YOU LITERALLY AND FIGURATIVELY NOURISH THE WORLD. It'S ABOUT time THAT YOU Nourish YOURSELf, so that YOU have the power to nourish others.

Your relationship with food and how you feel about your body matters because it affects your happiness, energy, productivity and the power to chase your dreams in life (not to mention the future health, happiness, and power of those who depend on us).

Yet, the simple task of deciding what to eat has become insanely difficult. We are in a period of nutrition overload, diet gurus, healthwashing, marketing manipulation, cleanses, and obsession with getting it oooooh so perfect! 

Chasing perfection and the next fad diet is not only ineffective, counterproductive and excessive waste of your time and brainpower, but it chips away at the core fiber of who you are. 

The world needs more of you, not less. 


Body size is not an indication of self-worth.

In this space, we celebrate uniqueness.

We celebrate all bodies, genders, cultures, races, abilities, and ages.


Health Out of Habit is the place to help you nourish your mind and body so you have the power to chase your dreams in life. 

 This is a community to support you in your unique journey to health, happiness and zest for life!

Let´s move forward... together.

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Denine is a registered DIETITIAN nutritionist, writer, teacher and former jersey girl turned Mediterranean mom living in Barcelona, Spain. She provides a unique perspective on american diet culture, food, nutrition, and family life specializing in:

  • behavior change

  • Family Nutrition

  • non-diet approaches to health

  • INtuitive eating

  • mediterranean dietary pattern

  • healthy aging

  • online nutrition learning

  • higher education 

Denine Cimmons Stracker, MPH, RDN, completed the Dietetics program at New York University and internship at New York-Presbyterian Hospital-Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City.

Recent consulting projects include:

  • INJOY - INnovating the JOY of Eating EIT Health Summer School - Scientific Associate and grant writer for the University of Barcelona Nutrimetabolomics EIT Health summer school, aimed at bridging the gap between nutrition science and business by helping entrepreneurs and innovators develop new technologies, businesses, and services to help individuals modify behaviors to promote healthy aging.

  • Visiting Lecturer for Nutrition 140 - “Nutrition, Health and Fitness” online courses at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst since 2013.

  • MedDiet Project - funded by the European Union, which aims to increase awareness and promote a return to the traditional Mediterranean eating and lifestyle habits as a way of fostering health, sustainability and economic growth within the region.

  • Co-author of the Mediterranean Diet Education Guide for Schools distributed to 6,000 school children and teachers of Spain, Italy, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia and Lebanon as part of the European Union funded project to promote wellness.

  • Consultant and co-designer for the "Mediterranean Meal Tray" educational graphic distributed to schools of 6 countries as a method of improving health and preserving culinary traditions.

  • University of Barcelona – consultant for the Human Nutrition and Dietetics curriculum related to public health nutrition.

  • Freelance Writer - for online health and nutrition resources pertaining to the topics of food, health, American diet culture, nutrition, Mediterranean habits and wellness.


Professional Affiliations

  • Association for Size Diversity and Health

  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • International Association of Nutrition and Dietetics

  • Nutrition Entrepreneurs Practice Group            

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